On My Interview with Amy Hempel

My profile on Amy Hempel is out in the Chicago Tribune.

I started writing a second piece, a first person essay on my time with Amy, for this website, but then I thought I’d pitch it to a site with exponentially more readership. I contacted The Millions and sent them a draft. They liked it, so I’m finishing up my submission to them today. If you’re interested, email me at frank.tempone at gmail and I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Amy Hempel is a remarkable human being. If you have any other questions about my interview with her, I’m happy to speak with you.



  1. FT says:


    Your comment was erased accidentally. I have so much spam and it got caught in my spam comments.

    I spent two days in Gainesville. It was a day of extraordinary revelations in the context of doing every day things like getting coffee, walking dogs, having lunch, and looking at houses.

    I’m not sure what the final word count of the essay is, but I submitted a 2600 word piece. I’m a little disappointed at how much was cut away.

  2. The published Trib profile is 2,479 words, Frank.

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