15K Every Day

I’m sitting in a writing workshop with my friends Ben, Seth, and Paige yesterday, and we’re talking about what we do when writing ideas come to mind. Immediately I smell a blog entry. I whip out my black Moleskine and search for the entry that would fortify my argument for the digital voice recorder as medium for “jotting” story ideas down. I found the entry: March 12 — Jack Kerouac’s birthday — “There are fifteen thousand words of internal dialogue in my mind every day…” Carrying the Moleskine is a necessity; a reporter’s pad next to the bed essential; but if you want to get past the surface ideas and delve deeper into what the idea may become, you must have a digital voice recorder.

Granted: the recording requires you to be alone, but if there are 15K words in our head every day, and the mind to voice naturally works faster than mind to paper, then a writer must find a way to be alone with his or her ideas and get them recorded.

The next step is transcription software, which I bought. It’s not perfect, though. Voice recognition software for the lay person (software that doesn’t cost $1,100) is in its relative infancy in terms of development. I found I was better off listening to the recordings and working from there. I don’t transcribe each word. That would be obsessive.

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